Improve Your Shoulder Function & Reduce Pain

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Recently, Tabatha H. Rubini, Board Certified Massage Therapist from Solstice Day Spa, attended  “Opening the Thoracic Cage: The Diaphragm and Shoulder Connection” taught by Lee Stang, LMT.

During the workshop, they explored the connection between the diaphragm and thoracic cage and dysfunction throughout the upper body, in particular the shoulder.  Tabatha learned new techniques to release the diaphragm, abdominal fascia, and intercostals.

This new approach has enlightened how tightness and dysfunction through the abdominal fascia, diaphragm, and immobility of the clavicle can have significant impact on how the shoulder moves.

During the past year of practicing this new modality, Tabatha has witnessed great improvement of shoulder mobility to clients with rotator cuff injuries, pec minor syndrome, and shoulder impingement syndrome.

Tabatha works Tuesdays- Saturdays, please call Solstice Day Spa at 508 775 7400 to schedule an appointment.