One Soul…Many Lives
A Past Life Regression Workshop
Sunday, September 30th, 4-6pm
Tickets $45
                                                                                 (To purchase call 508-775-7400)
Are you experiencing a repeating pattern in your current life with relationships, fears, challenges at work, finances, health etc? Often, these events have ties that can be traced to past life karma. Your subconscious mind holds memories of all your past.
Exploring past lives can bring you wisdom…and a better understanding of the lessons, patterns, and relationships that were set up to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. In this workshop, we will discuss soul contracts, soul lessons and gifts. There will also be a group regression, so that you may experience one of your past lives. You may experience spiritual awareness, forgiveness, greater clarity and wisdom, and profound physical and/or emotional healings.

We are scheduling events for the upcoming season.  If you have a special interest or would like to share your expertise with our spa guests please email your ideas to solsticedayspa@  attention spa director.

Thank you!

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