Eyebrow Shaping, our specialty, please let brows grow in at least 4 weeks before appointment…$20

Eyelash Tinting & Brow Tinting- A Safe, & Legal vegetable tint is applied to your lashes or brows to enhance your eyes for up to several weeks!
Lash Tint…$35, Brows… $20 *Please remove contact lenses and Mascara
BEFORE your appointment.

The Makeup Studio                                                                                                                     Formal  Makeup ….$80  Be ‘Paparazzi ready’ for your special occasions!                                 Makeup Application …$40   Look good your after facial or hairstyling                                        Private Lesson ….$80  Bring your usual cosmetics for a ‘use or refuse’ peruse!


Hair Removal Solutions
Face, all over $35+    Lip $12 Chin $12
Underarm $17   Lower Arm $27
Full Leg inc Bikini $90 +
Half Leg $40
Bikini, outside panties $30 +
Brazilian $70 +
* Please refrain from shaving for 4 weeks

Man-scaping                                                                                                                                        Back, neck, chest & shoulder waxing….$60 and up
Brow grooming…..$20  Nose or Ears…$15

Wax NOW for a smoother Summer!
Did you know that the vast majority of women not only remove their body hair, but see it as an important thing to do? According to a survey of 303 female Wayne State University students who completed questionnaires asking about their attitudes towards body hair/hair removal, the vast majority (an overwhelming 96%) said that they remove their body hair.

While women may be a unified front as far as hair removal is concerned, there is always much debate as to how it’s removed. Some women prefer to shave, and others prefer to wax. While each has its own advantages, it’s waxing that comes out on top of the waxing vs shaving debate. Here’s how:

It Can Permanently Destroy Hair. One of the biggest  benefits of waxing is that, if waxed often enough, hair follicles get weakened, which can lead to permanent hair loss. This means that if women consistently have waxing services take care of their unwanted hair, the follicles will get finer and smaller until they’re eventually all gone for good.

It Doesn’t Discriminate.  Some hair removal methods only work on certain hair colors, textures, and types of skin. One of the benefits of waxing is that it doesn’t discriminate. No matter what type of hair you have, no matter what shade, no matter what sort of consistency of hair you have, waxing will quickly and efficiently remove your hair.

It’s Just More Effective. Of all the different benefits of waxing, the one that matters most is the fact that it’s more effective. The results of waxing last longer than the results of shaving, and since the hair follicles weaken each time they’re waxed, it gets easier every time, too. Basically, it’s just a more effective way to get rid of hair.

Sure, shaving has its advantages, but there are just several more benefits of waxing. Facial services can permanently destroy hair by waxing it. Plus, it doesn’t discriminate against some types of hair, and is just more effective. Simply put, there are just more benefits of waxing.

What do you think, though? Is shaving still the superior way to remove your hair, or have the benefits of waxing convinced you to convert and head to hair care services to get things taken care of?